ALLPOWERS Portable Charger 30000mAh External Battery Charger Pack

ALLPOWERS Portable Charger 30000mAh External Battery Charger Pack

Product Specification:

    Capacity: 30000mAh

    Input: 2x 5V2A(Max.4A)
    Output: 5V4.A(USB1: 5V/2.1A ; USB2: 5V/2.1A; USB3: 5V2.4A)
    Size: 175mm*110mm*18mm/6.9*4.3*0.7inch

    Weight: 599g/ 21.1oz

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4A Input and 3USB Output
Rapid Dual Input(4A total) Charging save 50% time, three output with iPower Technology automatically adjust the current and voltage to charge three devices with high power up to 4A

Set Yourself Free
Get freedom from your wall for over a week, high capacity power can charge an iPhone 8 over 11 times, iphone X over 7.5 times, large capacity like iphone XS XR, Samsung galaxy S9 over 6.5 times or an iPad mini more than 3 times.

Matte Finish
Enhances grip and doesn't leave smudges or fingerprints.

High Quality and Safety Protection
We use Grade A battery cells, together with the premium materials and high end technology, ensuring the complete safety. With such high capacity in such a compact package, it is perfect for traveling, business trips, or any time you're away from an outlet.

Universal Compatibility
Designed to work with all USB powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, tablets, photography gear, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and more. Whatever USB powered gear you've got, we've got you covered.

* Capacity: 30000mAh
* Input: 2x 5V2A(Max.4A)
* Output: 5V4A(USB1: 5V/2.1A ; USB2: 5V/2.1A; USB3: 5V2.4A)
* Size: 175mm*110mm*18mm/6.9*4.3*0.7inch
* Weight: 599g/ 21.1oz

18-month product guarantee from ALLPOWERS

Q: What devices are compatible with this charger?

A: This Charger is compatible with most Android, Apple and other USB devices.


Q: Can I use another USB cable rather than the one that comes with the Charger?

A: Yes. But We recommend using your device's original cable or the included one.


Q: What kind of wall charger should I use to charge this battery?

A: Please use a 2 amp or higher output charger. Lower output chargers will not charge quickly.

Q: Does it work with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

A: Yes. But the Apple connector is not included. Please use your device's original cable.


Q: What's the output efficiency of this charger?

A: The output efficiency of this charger is 60%-70%.


Q: Can it charge other devices while it is being charged?

A: No. This feature has been disabled in order to extend the lifespan of external batteries.


Q: What is the warranty time for this product?

A: We offer 18 months warranty on our products.


Q: Can I take this charger on board airplane?

A: Yes, all external batteries with a capacity lower than 20000mAh (100 Watt Hours) can legally be taken on board airplanes. Make sure the USB adapter you take with is compatible with the voltage of your destination country. 


Q: What should I do if this charger doesn’t work?

A: Please try a different AC adapter and USB cable. If this doesn't fix your issue, please email us at during your 18-month warranty period.

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