ALLPOWERS 100W Solar Charger (Dual 5v USB with iSolar Technology+18v DC Output)

ALLPOWERS 100W Solar Charger (Dual 5v USB with iSolar Technology+18v DC Output)

Product Specification:

    Load Output: 2x 5V2.4A (Max.USB); 18V5A(Max.DC)

    Solar conversion efficiency: 23.5%
    Dual Output: USB&DC5521
    Unfolded Size: 94*94*1cm / 37*37*0.39inch 
    Folded size: 32*19*8cm / 12.6*7.5*3.2inch 

    Net weight: 2.15kg/75oz 

iSolar Technology

Unique voltage regulator design to ensure stable voltage and current, delivering its fastest possible juice up

Exclusive Solar Controller
Updated with solar controller 2.0, dual USB and one DC for different needs, the first seller who use Dual USB plus DC controller

Outdoor Necessities
Industrial-strength PET plastic faced solar panels sewn into high-wear polyester canvas ensure it's able to withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.

Advanced Safety
The solar panel is FCC, RoHS,CE certified. Short circuit and surge protection technology keeps you and your devices safe

Wide Compatibility
DC port: Laptops, 12V car battery and other devices under 18V.
USB port: Apple and Android smartphones, ipad, tablets and other USB-charged devices.

1. Please check the model(laptop connectors we provided show as picture), size, voltage and power of your original adapter to ensure compatibility before purchasing the product.
2.This item is solar panel, please put it under direct sunlight, cloudy weather may affect its normal working and power; it is suggested to close the laptop when charging

--Capacity: 100W
--Load Output: 2x 5V2.4A (Max.USB); 18V5A(Max.DC)
--Solar conversion efficiency: 23.5%
--Dual Output: USB&DC5521
--Unfolded Size: 94*94*1cm / 37*37*0.39inch --Folded size: 32*19*8cm / 12.6*7.5*3.2inch -- Net weight: 2.15kg/75oz 

Q: What devices are compatible with this foldable solar panel?

A: This Charger is compatible with most Android, Apple, USB devices and laptop.


Q: Does it work with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

A: Yes. But the Apple connector is not included. Please use your device's original cable.


Q: After connecting it with my iPhone/iPad, the screen shows “This device is not support”?

A: iPhone 6/ iPad Air requires a large current. Please re-insert USB to activate charge and place the panel in an area exposed to direct and strong sunlight.

Q: The charging indicator light is on, and the battery charge icon shows on the screen, but battery capacity of my phone become lower than before?

A: The generated power is really small under poor sunlight condition, even there shows up an charging sign, the actual power going into your phone’s battery is much lower than the power consumption of the phone’s screen. The voltage of Lithium-ion battery will become higher when the current increases, which also lead to low charging speed. We recommend charging your phone in a sunny day.


Q: What is the lifespan of this foldable solar panel ?

A: Our solar charger is made from recyclable solar panel. The efficiency of the power is more than 80% even after five years of use.


Q: What is the warranty time for this product?

A: We offer 18 months warranty on our products.


Q: Can I take this charger on board airplane?

A: Yes. Foldable solar panels can legally be taken on board airplanes. 


Q: What should I do if this foldable solar panel doesn’t work?

A: Please try a different USB cable. If this doesn't fix your issue, please email us at during your 18-month warranty period.

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